The current world situation has compelled kids to stay inside their homes to stay safe. This has led to the substitution of playing outdoor games with playing online games.

When children played outside, we had some set rules for them. Now while they are playing online, the need for keeping an eye on them is even more.

So, here are some very basic yet important tips that you must take into account while your child is playing online:

Ensure the game is age-appropriate

The first and foremost thing you should check is the age-appropriateness of the game that your child is playing. Check the reviews and ratings of the game carefully before downloading it. Refrain your child from playing violent games as it affects the behavior of children.

Set some ground rules

Set some basic rules for your child to play and strictly tell them to play following those rules or else not play at all. Tell them to turn off the voice chat, not to play with strangers, etc.

Restrict them from playing with strangers

如果总是让它变成一种习惯t with your child while they are playing multiplayer games. If possible, make only your child’s friends play with them in these types of games. To save your child from unwanted bullying or emotional abuse, restrict them from playing with strangers.

Set time limits

When children once start playing a game, they start enjoying it and forget how much time they have been playing for. It is obvious, they will prefer playing games over doing their homework. But it becomes very important as a parent to set a timetable for children.

Set parental controls

Almost all games these days have the feature of parental control. Use this feature to the best and ensure the safety of your child.

Also, disable unnecessary features like webcam as they are not required for kids at all. They will only make them vulnerable to hackers.

Their privacy is in your hands

Since they are children and you are a parent, you need to take care that the privacy of your child is guarded in an online gaming platform. Tell your child to not put all personal information on their gaming profile. Also, if possible, avoid using the real name as the username. Do not ever attach details like date of birth, native city, etcetera with the username.

Teach them to report abuses, if any

If you follow all the above-mentioned tips, it will be quite impossible for your child to become a victim of abuse of any kind. But to be on the safer side, teach your child how to report abuses in a game, of course only after telling you the whole scene.


Online gaming is here to stay. It will only increase in the coming time. But with the increasing craze of online gaming, the risk also increases. And children, being the most innocent of all, are at greater risk, so it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure their safety.

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